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Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2017

In response to current Hurricane Irma forecasts, Clark Atlanta University will be closed on Monday, Sept. 11, 2017.  All classes and activities are canceled for Monday, Sept. 11, 2017.  Only essential personnel will be expected to report to work.  Based upon official weather reports, residents in the Atlanta metro-area will be under a Tropical Storm Warning beginning 5am Monday morning.  Conditions may include high winds (ranging from 40-65mph), heavy rains (which may result in flash flooding) and possible power outages.
We will continue to monitor National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service reports to determine the University's operating status on Tuesday, Sept. 12.   Please continue to monitor your University email, cau.edu, CAU social media (Facebook.com/clarkatlantauniversity and Twitter.com/cau), Jazz 91.9 WCLK and CAU-TV, as well as local radio and TV media for updates on the University's operating status, conditions and schedules, as well as local weather and safety reports.
Students residing on campus should remain inside residence halls, with the exception of utilizing campus dining services, which will continue to operate under its normal schedule. Please exercise extreme caution in traveling to and from the Crogman Campus Eatery.  Students who commute will be allowed to shelter in the University's Henderson Student Center upon displaying a valid student ID.  Commuter students who desire to shelter on campus temporarily during this event should call 470-755-3821.  
We encourage all students to familiarize yourselves with the CAU Hurricane Irma Preparedness Checklist: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cg25kjj7tvx3jqn/EmergChecklistIRMA%20copy.pdf?dl=0.  Students who reside in campus residence halls also should familiarize yourselves with this evacuation guide just in case evacuation becomes necessary:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/qpqzb2mt56iduwp/EvacGuide.pdf?dl=0.
University managers and supervisors are encouraged to communicate (via text, if possible) with members of their teams throughout this weather event.  In addition to checking in on colleagues and friends, it also serves as notification should their be weather-related problems about which others should be apprised.
Researchers and faculty presently working under a federal grant will need to document that the University is officially closed because of inclement weather, and will need to make up work hours lost during this absence.
CAU Campus Police have adopted 12-hour shifts during this weather emergency, and will patrol the campus, including residential safety checks at least every 12 hours.  Students' first point of contact for all issues and concerns during this weather event should be their RAs or Residence Directors.  If a concern cannot be addressed by an RA or Residence Director, you may contact campus police, noting that dispatchers will prioritize the handling of safety, security and operational issues during a weather emergency.
-For Non-Emergency calls, dial 404-880-8623.
-For Health and Safety Emergency calls, dial404-880-8911.
-Members of the University community who are not on campus during this weather event should call 911 in the event of an emergency.
If you find yourself experiencing extreme levels of anxiety during this weather event, campus-based professionals can help you process through your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a confidential setting.  You should feel free to contact:
-Dr. Joy Bradford, director of the University's Counseling Center, at 404-880-8044
-Rev. Dr. A. Elaine Crawford, University Chaplain, 404-880-8041.
Again, please exercise extreme causation and safety during this storm. By working together, staying together and praying together, we will endure! Be safe, CAU!
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